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At this time of year, many people are focusing on romance and dating. There lots of ways to meet new people to date, and one of the most common ones involves online dating and blind dates. If you’re meeting someone new for the first time, there are several dating tips you will want to follow to ensure you have a fun and safe time:


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If you have an elderly loved one who has Alzheimer’s, dementia, serious mobility problems, or other problems which require around-the-clock care, you may eventually have to make the difficult decision to place them in care. A high quality nursing home or other care environment can provide your family member with full-time medical care, a comfortable life, and the ability to live their life with dignity.


In fact, placing a loved one in proper care can mean a safer environment. Care homes and nursing homes are designed to help protect loved ones who can’t take care of themselves. They have an entire staff to help, which can be safer than having one family caregiver who does not have nursing or professional training.

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Do you have a few minutes to spare for your safety? Even if you have a very busy schedule, the following 10-minute steps can help you make your Homestead home safer and can help you prevent serious injury:

1) Take a walk through your home, looking at cords.

Electrical cords are everywhere, and they can pose a fire hazard if they’re run under rugs or get worn down. During your ten minute walk through your home, unplug any appliances that have worn cords and set them aside for replacement or repairs. If you notice any cords running under carpets, remove them immediately. Unplug any appliances hooked up to extension cords.


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ATVs are ubiquitous on back roads in South Florida. They can be a fun way to experience the trails and off roads in and around Hollywood and the rest of the region. However, these vehicles can also pose a danger precisely because they are used on rough terrain. Rollovers and other types of accidents are not uncommon with these vehicles and each year people are seriously injured or even killed in ATV accidents.


Unfortunately, since children are allowed to ride ATVs, some of the worst tragedies involving these vehicles include minors. A small child thrown from an ATV or pinned under a vehicle is likely to suffer permanent or even fatal injuries.

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In Hollywood and across South Florida, children have access to a lot of water recreation. There are pools, waterways, and beaches to play in and many Floridians love taking to the water when the weather is warm (which is most of the year). The state has many waterways and because of the mild weather many homes have pools.


While all that water can be fun, it does present the risk of water-related injury. Children, however, are especially vulnerable to water injury and drowning in Hollywood and across the region. They may still be developing their swimming skills and they may not fully understand the dangers of water. If you have children, there are several things you can do to keep your kids safer in and around water:

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Florida has many waterways and while this presents wonderful opportunities for boating and recreation, the many boaters in Florida also make the state the leader when it comes to serious and fatal boat accidents.


One of the risks associated with boating is the risk of inebriated boating. Unfortunately, some people head out on the water after drinking or drink while boating. Just as in a car, this can lead to slower response times, fatigue, sleepiness, and poor judgment which can result in a collision. Each year, people fall overboard, drown, or crash into other boaters or into the shore because they’ve been drinking and boating. Boating under the influence is illegal in Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Florida, but it is still a serious problem.

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Florida sees an average of 55 tornadoes yearly, making it the third state in the nation when it comes to tornado activity. While most tornadoes in the state happen between January and April, many tornadoes also occur during October and November. Since tornadoes can occur at this time of year and since tornado season will be upon us soon after the holidays, this is a good time of year to get ready. You may be able to help your family avoid weather-related injury in Hollywood or your Florida home if you:

1) Create an emergency preparedness kit.

Your kit should include everything you need during and after a tornado. This should include water, food, medication, pet and child-care supplies, bedding, cash, a first aid kit, and anything else you need to weather out not only the tornado but also the time after the tornado when services may be suspended. The Florida Division of Emergency Management has a website with more information about getting an emergency kit ready.


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Many Florida buildings – including many buildings in Hollywood – contain asbestos because this man-made fiber was once considered an effective building material. In addition, Florida was a center for asbestos processing, with about 109,949 tons of asbestos shipped to Pompano Beach, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, Boca Raton, and Tampa for processing. Unfortunately, it was eventually found that asbestos causes cancer and is a very hazardous material.

If you have asbestos in your home, you may not be at risk if the asbestos is covered and undamaged. However, moving the asbestos (during home renovations, for example) can cause a fine dust which can be dangerous. In some cases, it can be difficult to tell whether the asbestos in your home is dangerous or not. Is it damaged? Are you being exposed to asbestos at work? In most cases, the only way to tell is to ask experts to check your home for this material.


If you have been exposed to asbestos, it often takes decades for cancer to develop. If you suspect that you have been exposed to asbestos at one time, you will want to speak with your doctor. If you have symptoms, he or she may refer you to a specialist known as a Pulmonologist for testing.

Unfortunately, in most Mesothelioma cases in Hollywood, patients only discover the illness after they already have the symptoms. In many cases, patients don’t even know that they have cancer and may not know that they were exposed to asbestos decades ago.

A Mesothelioma diagnosis is tragic because in many cases there is simply nothing that can be done. This is a form of cancer that often does not respond well to treatment. If a patient has been the victim of misdiagnosis in Hollywood, especially – an all too common occurrence, unfortunately — they may only find out about their diagnosis late, when very little can be done.

In cases of Mesothelioma in Hollywood, who is liable? In some cases, it is simply a terrible tragedy. However, in some cases this type of cancer is caused by negligence. For example, a workplace may have been negligent in conducting repairs or providing a safe environment. In addition, the manufacturers of the asbestos may have been negligent in providing the building materials after it was known that asbestos causes cancer. It is possible to seek compensation from liable parties in your case.

Unfortunately, deciding whether you have a case and even figuring out liable parties can be difficult in Mesothelioma cases, because there is such a long period of time between the exposure and the diagnosis. In addition, it can be difficult to determine whether medical malpractice in Hollywood contributed to a late diagnosis. To get answers, it is a good idea to speak with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood. A personal injury attorney can review your case, help you understand your rights, investigate your situation and represent you if you decide to seek compensation. If you are having insurance issues in Hollywood – because your medical insurance refuses to pay for your cancer treatment, for example – you can also get advice about this from an attorney.

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According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign (NSKC), school-related child injuries in Hollywood and other communities are more prevalent than previously thought:

•There are over 53 million school-aged children across the country, and they spend about a quarter of their waking hours on school property or in school and school activities.

•Each year, about 14 million preventable injuries affect children under the age of 15 and about 10-25% of these injuries occur in or near schools.

•Each year, about one of 14 pupils sustains a serious injury at school.

•For elementary school students, playground injuries account for most serious injuries while for high school students, sports-related injuries account for most serious injuries
•Students are nine times more likely to be injured in a non-intentional injury at school than be injured through violence or bullying at school
•Each year, about 2.2 million children under the age of 15 sustain fatal school-related injuries
•Of school related injuries that require hospitalization, falls are the most likely culprit, accounting for 43% of these incidents while sports account for about 34% of these types of injuries
•About 40% of playground injuries at schools are linked to lack of supervision
•About 60% of sports-related child injuries take place during practices (not the actual games)

•About 75% of school-related spinal cord injuries in Hollywood and across the country take place during sports.

•About 40% of school bus accident fatalities in Hollywood and other communities involve pedestrians. Many of these fatalities – 38% occur between 3 and 4 pm – and the majority occur in the afternoon. More than half of children involved in these types of fatal pedestrian accidents in Hollywood and other communities are between the ages of 5 and 7.

•About 90% of non-fatal school bus injuries involve bus passengers

Preventing child injuries at school begins with the families and the schools. Parents can teach their children basic safety rules and encourage children to use basic common sense. Beyond that, parents can:

•Ask school administrators to ensure softer surfaces under playground equipment. Fine sand, rubber, and hardwood chips or fiver mulch can help prevent injury, but the soft surface needs to be at least 12 inches deep and should go about 6 feet or more past the equipment.
•Supervise children at school when possible and ensure that adequate supervision is in place.

•Get your child good safety gear for sports and replace it as needed.

•Get children to the bus stop early and teach them how to watch for cars and the driver’s blind spot. Younger children should be supervised at the bus stop until they are safely on board the bus and have safely disembarked.

•Seek legal advice from a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or their community if they child has been injured.

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For children, summer means freedom and fun, but for parents, summer can be a time of worry and concern as children head out of the home to take part in a range of activities. Parents have a reason to worry: each summer Miami personal injuries cause serious injury and even fatalities to teens and children across the city. Luckily, there are several things you can do to help prevent this:

1) Walk through your home. Take a walk through your home, with a critical eye for any possible dangers. Are all dangerous chemicals stowed safely and locked? Are sharp tools safely stowed? Are outdoor play areas clean and checked for safety? If you notice any potential hazards, tidy them up now, before the children are home for the holidays.

2) Get your children involved in fire safety at your home. Getting children serious about fire safety is important in teaching them the skills they need to help avoid Miami burn injuries. Check your fire alarms and practice your fire escape route with the whole family. Many fire departments have activity books and other educations resources that help teach children about fire safety. These are good tools for teaching your children safety rules while ensuring that your kids stay entertained.

3) Check your child’s summer activities. If your children will be playing sports, do they have the sports equipment and safety equipment to help prevent Miami brain injuries and other common sports injuries? If your children will be spending lots of time on their bicycles, do they have a good, proper-fitting helmet? Review your children’s plans for the summer and determine whether your family has everything in place to make summer both fun and safe.

4) Have a talk with your new teen driver. If you have a new driver in your home, your teen is likely excited about their first summer as a licensed driver. Before they drive off on adventures, however, you may wish to set some ground rules. Some studies have shown that teens with little driving experience have a higher accident rate than more experienced drivers. Multiple passengers and distracted driving can also increase the risk for your teen driver. Set some ground rules for safe driving to ensure that your teen has a low risk of being in a Miami car accident. Also consider signing up your teen for additional driver training or defensive driving courses so he or she can hone their driving skills during the summer.

5) Consider who will be supervising your children this summer. Whether you are relying on caregivers, camp, or others to keep your children entertained, check the references and safety record of anyone who will be responsible for your children this summer.

6) Take steps to prevent Miami pool injuries. If you have a pool, check the safety of your pool at the same time as you clean your pool to get it ready for summer. Ensure that your pool has a self-locking gate and a full isolation fence that prevents anyone from wandering into the pool area. If your pool does not already have one, consider an alarm that will alert you if anyone wanders into the pool area.

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